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Speed Freq was founded on the application of scientific principles to help athletes in the pursuit of victory. This belief resulted in the creation of The Freq Reflex, combining physiology, biomechanics and training principles to improve athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury.

The founders of Speed Freq come from an extensive sporting background, both as high performance athletes and coaches in Strength and Conditioning, Athletics, Tae Kwon Do and weightlifting.

With a will to win, not just in sport but in life, the founders know what it means to pursue victory. Training in any weather, mentally and physically preparing, applying scientific principles, discipline and a desire to be the best you can be. We understand the needs of an athlete and the wants of a coach.

Based at the University of East London, we draw upon the expertise provided by academics and the experience of the UK’s fastest growing sports performance program to learn and develop, so that we can help you to take the steps to victory whatever goal you’re trying to conquer!


What people say about us

The benefits our customers had from using Freq Reflex

The athletes that are using the Freq Reflex have noticed significant drops in their times! Many personal best and so far injury free. We have qualified 33 out of 40 athletes for the AAU JR Olympics and would like to use the Freq Reflex to the fullest potential over these next four weeks.
Christopher Attucks

Athletics Coach

I currently have an ultra-marathon runner using the Freq Reflex with exceptional subjective improvement in running mechanics and rate of force development. Will continue to keep you informed as to how well she is doing.
Ben McKenzie

Sports Scientist

I felt much better, I was more agile. When I’m running I normally land on the back of the foot, but then I was landing on the front so it made me feel a lot quicker.