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A group of 5 track and field athletes have been tested to demonstrate the short-term benefits of the Freq Reflex.

We found that sprint and jump performance improved between 10 and 20 minutes after using the Freq Reflex.

This short-term improvement in performance happens for a number of reasons:

1. The Freq Reflex has a short-term effect on movement, enabling Dorsiflexion to happen more effectively in a short time. This means that when performing without the Freq Reflex, technique becomes much more efficient and tendons are utilised more effectively.

2. Using the Freq Reflex with fast and powerful movements excites the motor neurons in the muscles and tendons and this wakes up the muscles, allowing signals to be sent to those muscles more quickly.

3. The 3rd reason is due to a phenomenon known as Post Activation Potentiation (PAP for short). This changes the biochemistry and dynamics of the muscle which improves the force of contraction within the muscle. The stretch initiated in the tendon also improves the position of the muscles, so that the force of muscle contraction improves further.

4. The final effect of the Freq Reflex 10-20 minutes before a competition is psychological. Athletes report that they feel they can push off the ground more effectively as well as having a better sense of how to maintain Dorsiflexion. Athletes also report that they feel good after using the product and this, in turn, improves athletes’ confidence.