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 Hamstring Injury 

Most hamstring injuries occur because the foot lands in front of the centre of mass too often.

Due to inadequate dorsiflexion, the hamstrings are lengthened under tension for a prolonged period of time, causing stress and tension to muscles which leads to injury.

The risk of hamstring injury is significantly reduced by landing underneath the centre of mass.

 Shin Pain 

The Freq Reflex can prevent and ease shin pain (often referred to as shin splints), by reducing the tightness of the calf muscles, increasing the range of motion and in turn easing the stress on the Tibialis anterior (shin bone).

The position of the Tibialis posterior is also improved, enabling the muscle to absorb force in a less stressful position. 

 Tendon Strength 

By repeatedly training the Achilles tendon through a greater range of motion, it will become significantly stronger.

This will dramatically reduce the chance of Achilles tendon injury and improve the robustness of the lower limb.