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 Running Technique 

1. The Freq Reflex teaches you to dorsiflex effectively so that when you are running your foot lands underneath the bodies’ centre of mass. This prevents your body from slowing down so that you can maintain speed. Without the Freq Reflex, the foot is more likely to land in front of the body’s centre of mass which slows you down as this applies breaking forces.

2. After ground contact, the ankle extends with the knee and hip to propel the body forward. This often means that the leg will drag behind the body and take longer to rotate the legs for the next crucial ground contact. The Freq Reflex teaches you to dorsiflex soon after the leg extends, this shortens the leg so that it can move around the centre of mass quicker, this speeds up the rotation of the leg so that you can make the next crucial ground contact sooner.


 Reduce Injuries 

Improving your running technique through dorsiflexion will help to prevent shin pain and in particular hamstring pulls and tears. Most hamstring injuries happen because the foot is landing in front of the centre of mass too often. This happens because of the stress applied to the hamstring muscles, as the hamstrings have to lengthen under tension for a prolonged period of time. This is often the point which the hamstring muscles will pull or tear.

Using the Freq Reflex to improve your landing position means that your hamstrings lengthened under tension for too long and therefore are less likely to be injured. This also means that the Freq Reflex can be used as a rehabilitation tool so that you can get back into running sooner after a hamstring injury. 


 Improve contact time & reactions forces 

The Freq Reflex improves your ground contact time and reaction forces by changing the angle of the foot. This stretches the Achilles tendon, so that when you make ground contact it is primed to release its elastic energy quickly. This means you spend less time on the ground and you improve your reaction forces to propel the body forward quicker. The aim for speed is for ground contact time to be 0.2 seconds or less.

Without The Freq Reflex, the angle of your foot may mean that you are likely to spend more than 0.2 seconds on the ground. This is because the tendons have to stretch to absorb the force of the body before it can release the elastic energy. Learning to Dorsiflex with the Freq Reflex means that the tendons are already stretched so that force can be returned more quickly. This also improves the strength and elasticity of the Achilles' tendon when used over time and you make ground contact in a prime position more regularly. 



 Improve Power 

Power is the speed that force can be applied (rate of force development). As well as developing tendon strength and elasticity the Freq Reflex improves the stretch shortening cycle of the muscles which improves power through ankle extension. The various resistance bands available help to improve the Rate of Force development by training the different ranges of the Force-Velocity curve.

The calf muscles which include the Gastrocnemius and Soleus (often referred to as the Triceps Surae) along with the Achilles' tendon are responsible for strength and power of the ankle joint. During running and Plyometric training, the calf muscles stretch and shorten in a similar way to the Achilles' tendon, this is called the stretch-shortening cycle. You can improve the power of the calf muscles by developing the force of contraction during the stretch-shortening cycle.

By increasing the strength of the resistance band you can strengthen the calf muscles which improve the force of contraction through ankle extension. To improve power, you need to train both ends of the force-velocity curve. Once you can extend the ankle with the higher resistance bands you need to use the lower resistance bands to improve the speed of movement. Training the ranges between force and velocity improves the Rate of Force development and Power.


 Improve Speed 

The Freq Reflex improves your speed by using the combination of improved technique and power development of the muscles and tendons. Speed is a result of the correct application of power and efficient running technique. Using the Freq Reflex during speed training drills will teach the body to maintain great technique at speed for faster stride frequency, faster contact time and propulsion. This will help you to accelerate better and maintain maximum speed for longer.


 Prepare for Competition 

We have tested a group of track and field athletes on the short term benefits of the Freq Reflex. We found that sprint and jump performance improved when the Freq Reflex was used 10-20 minutes before a 30-meter sprint test. This short-term improvement in performance happens for a number of reasons.

1. The Freq Reflex has a short term effect on how you move, enabling you to Dorsiflex more effectively very quickly. This means when you perform without the Freq Reflex your technique becomes much more efficient and you utilise your tendons more effectively.

2. Using the Freq Reflex with fast and powerful movements excites your motor neurons in the muscles and tendons, this wakes up the muscles and allows signals to be sent to those muscles faster.

3. The 3rd reason is due to a phenomenon known as Post Activation Potentiation (PAP for short). This changes the chemistry and dynamics of the muscle which improves the force of contraction within the muscle. The stretch initiated in the tendon also improves the position of the muscles so that the force of muscle contraction improves further.

The final effect of the Freq Reflex 10-20 minutes before the competition is psychological. Athletes report that they feel they know how to push off the ground more effectively as well as understanding how to maintain Dorsiflexion. Athletes also report that they feel good after using the product, this impacts on the confidence of the athletes using the Freq Reflex.