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1. The overshoe slides on to your trainer like a sock.

2. For track spikes; pull the mesh down and slide over the spikes. Feed the spikes through the holes.

3. For football and rugby boots; Pull the cord down and over the studs, feeding the cord in between.

4. Fasten the heel strap to the D-ring around the back of the foot.

5. Fasten the top strap to secure the overshoe.

6. Take the Knee strap.

7. Place it just underneath your knee with the metal D-ring hanging down and the plastic buckle facing outward.

8. Fasten the strap around the back of the leg.

9. Tighten it so that it is comfortable and secure.

10. Pull down on the D-ring to make sure it is securely fastened.

11. Choose your resistance band and size suitable for you.

12. Clip it into the knee strap.

13. Pull it down, pull your foot up.

14. Clip the band into the overshoe.

15. Let the band pull your foot up.

16. Push against the band and quickly relax the foot, letting the band pull it up.

17. This is the motion you should use when running and jumping with the Freq Reflex.

18. Try walking, Jumping and running with it.

19. Then unattach the resistance band and walk, jump or run again to familiarise yourself with the Freq Reflex.

20. Try different resistance band strengths and sizes to see how they feel.

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